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Give Purpose.

"We as humans thrive when we have a purpose, as it gives meaning to our actions and drives our ambitions."

-Brian Vlasich
The Mission Behind
Ello the Fellow

Initially, the Ello the Fellow series was created to provide a relatable and inspirational children's character to children with Down Syndrome or another disability. As time has passed, there is a much deeper mission for Ello the Fellow:


Books and Beyond

Future plans of Ello the Fellow

Phase 01

Books & More
  • Create a full series of a minimum 10 books

  • Create merchandise (Toys, clothes, and more)

  • Sales goal of 1 million books sold to provide funding for next phases

Phase 02

Animated Cartoon Series
  • Work with an animation team to create a cartoon series based on the book series

  • Initial cartoon series would be launched on YouTube

  • Eventually create an Ello the Fellow cartoon full length movie

Phase 03

Brick & Mortar
  • Build a center for learning and sensory play

  • Have a coffee shop and bakery on site where people with disabilities can work

  • Have a house mock-up built where people with disabilities can learn skills to be able to live as independently as possible.

  • Create a job placement program partnering with numerous companies to connect people with disabilities to better jobs based on their skillset.

More to come :)

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